Vertical Form Fill Seal

BW Flexible Systems vertical form fill seal machines offer innovative designs and rapid, efficient throughput that will meet your production demands. Learn more about our vertical form fill seal machines and how this packaging machinery can fit seamlessly into your current production line. A vertical form fill seal machine can also become an integral part of any new system.

What is a Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine?

Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machines are used in almost every industry. These bagging machines are used to package goods in a production line.

The BW Flexible Systems VFFS packaging machines feature a variety of continuous and intermittent motion bag filling systems. Our vertical bagging machines are capable of filling low, medium, and high-speed packaging applications for a variety of products and industries.

Vertical bagging machines can provide packaging across multiple industries including fresh food, frozen food products, household goods, and more.

How Does a Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Work?

The vertical form fill seal machines offered by BW Flexible Systems are a 3-in-1 solution for your flexible packaging needs.

The process begins by forming bags from a roll of film. This occurs around a forming tube, which shapes the film into the correct bag size. After forming the bag, the machine fills the bag with product and seals the product for shipment.

Depending on how product packaging requirements, a VFFS machine can also add a date/batch code, a tear notch for easier opening or a hole punch to allow the bag to hang on a display.

One machine in your production line from the BW Flexible Systems can form the bag, fill it with your product, and seal it at speeds of 100 bags per minute.

Benefits of BWFS Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines

BW Flexible Systems offers a wide variety of packaging solutions including VFFS machinery. When you choose BW Flexible Systems as your vertical form fill seal machine manufacturer, you receive more than a superior product. We believe that our customers are our partners and are committed to ensuring that your vertical bagging machine is supported by our local technicians.

We take pride in offering a full line of continuous or intermittent motion machines that provide quick changeover, easy equipment integrations, and a many intelligent and intuitive features that will benefit your packaging operations.

Contact BW Flexible Systems to discuss how our solutions can be customized to meet your specific requirements.