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At BW Flexible Systems, we take pride in a job well done, a bag well made, and product well handled. But we also know that your business is more than just "product"; it's the years of R&D that went into developing your offerings—whether that's frozen pasta that eats like it's fresh made, or nutrition bars, or pet food, or anything else—and it's the people in your building, working to a shared vision. 

Don't just take our word for it, though. Hear a few of our customers discuss how BW Flexible Systems helped them find their packaging solutions. And when you're ready, let's talk about your packaging solution.



Vertical Bagging Success Stories

Pearson Foods | Fresh Produce

Pearson Foods, an innovative fresh foods company located in Grand Rapids, MI, recently added the Hayssen ISB vertical form-fill-seal bagger to its fresh produce packaging lines, which also feature legacy Hayssen Ultima baggers.

After months of watching and measuring, Pearson determined that it can run the ISB bagger 18-22% faster than the other older machines on site.

Pearson Foods' new 19-year-old ISB operator—who had no previous packaging equipment experience—learned to effectively operate the machinery within 2 days of training, which was made even easier as the ISB can be switched to Spanish with the simple push of a button.

"The machine is intuitive," Nelson said. This combination of intuitive design and ease of operation makes the challenges presented by labor shortage and high employee turnover a non-issue.

Visit our blog to read more about Pearson Foods' story.

Equipment: Hayssen ISB, Ultima SVJ


John Nelson, Pearson Foods

"Our Ultimas run every day; we've not had any issues with them, minimal upkeep. They just keep on running. And now with the ISB, it's an improvement on what we already had."

–John Nelson, Pearson Foods

Surgital SPA | IQF Pasta & Meals

Surgital, an artisanal pasta and foods company in Italy, is renowned for their outstanding quality and flavors. But how do you package a fragile product like fresh-made pasta so that it can be safely delivered to stores and hungry fans around the world? With the same care and attention that went into make it.

Here, Surgital's Edoardo Bacchini discusses their history, the challenges they faced, and why it was so important to find the right packaging partner for his carefully-made foods.

Visit our blog to read more about Surgital's story.

Equipment: Logic Integrated Packaging Systems


Edoardo Bacchini, Surgital

"Over the years, as the business grew and production developed, we realized we needed to respond to this growth with effective weighing and packaging technology. For that reason, we reached out to Simionato from BW Flexible Systems. We explained our needs, defined our project, and they said, 'Let's do this!' I am happy I chose BW [Flexible Systems] for their cooperation and support. In such a short time, they helped us transform our business."

–Edoard Bacchini, Surgital SPA


Flow Wrapping Success Stories

The Killer Brownie Co. | Bakery & Confectionery

In early 2020, Killer Brownie began looking for a packaging solution by sending samples to several packaging machinery suppliers. BW Flexible Systems responded with questions of our own. After several more samples, tests, and trial runs, BWFS found a suitable packaging solution for Killer Brownie's range of products: a Rose Forgrove Merlin Blu horizontal flow wrapper (HFFS).

What happened next was a partnership that delivered more than just machinery!

Visit our blog to read more on The Killer Brownie Co.'s story.

Equipment: Merlin Blu


Chimene Mayne Ross, The Killer Brownie Co.

"The exciting part of breaking into some of these channels is where we're seeing interest where we couldn't help people before. We feel like we've entered a whole new chapter in our company's story by having this product available."

–Chimene Mayne Ross, The Killer Brownie Co.


The Nutrition Group | Bakery & Bars

When the Nutrition Group PLC, a contract manufacturer of protein bars, set their sights on being the UK's biggest producer of protein bars, they knew they would need to ramp up their production.

In 2018, the Nutrition Group began looking for a partner to help them increase their capacity and meet their customer's demands with a new flow wrapping solution.

"We were just very impressed with the team and felt they were the right people to work with." - Richard Greathead, CEO, Nutrition Group PLC

Equipment: CO90 Flow Wrapper, Horizontal Feed Systems


Richard Greathead, The Nutrition Group

"[BW Flexible Systems] came to visit us at the factory and they saw how the existing line worked, saw the issues that we did have., then took the film and products away to their factory to be trialed. From there, that gave us the confidence to say that this machine is going to work for us."

–Richard Greathead, Nutrition Group PLC


Bag Filling & Palletizing Success Stories

East Point Potatoes | Produce Palletizing

East Point Potato, a successful family-owned potato packaging operation, has experienced steady growth since opening its doors in 2009, and today they package potatoes for upwards of thirty farmers on Prince Edward Island. Their packaging operations began as manual labor, but the increasing workload meant they needed to explore packaging solutions to help them meet demand. They turned to SYMACH palletizers.

"We've run this year from 7am until 11pm, five days a week." said Boyd Rose, co-owner of East Point Potato, speaking of the increased production the SYMACH palletizers have provided. "I would have a tough time finding crew that would pack bags on a pallet for those types of hours."

Equipment: SYMACH Palletizers


Boyd Rose, East Point Potatoes

"We were hand-packing everything from a 10-pound paper bag on a pallet to 50-pound bags, so it took upwards four or five people to do that. It was a labor-intensive job, so we said there must be some way of getting this done more efficiently and we chose SYMACH. If you have a market you're going to supply, you have to be competitive; you have to be able to turn on a dime and do different things, do different pack sizes and the palletizer has certainly helped us do that."

–Boyd Rose, East Point Potato


The Honest Kitchen | Pet Food

A loyal following and a surge in production demand is The Honest Kitchen story. Their high standards in quality for pet food have set them up for rapid growth and long-term success.

Almost immediately after opening the factory in Los Angeles, THK realized quickly that the company had outgrown its facility and needed to expand to meet its customers' demands, creating a project scope with stringent deadlines, high expectations, and the need for a vendor who could supply an end-to-end solution.

How does a company go about upgrading its production while retaining its strict quality and safety standards? By working alongside an OEM with vast experience in the pet food industry. BW Flexible Systems' total system solution for pet food and our mutual high standards for safety and quality made this partnership a perfect fit.

Visit our blog to read more about The Honest Kitchen's story.

Equipment: UltraStar, MasterWeight Scales


Stuart Harness, The Honest Kitchen

"From day one, they were very responsive to our concerns—they listened to exactly what we were trying to accomplish, what we needed in a large packaging line. Anytime you start up a factory, there's always challenges; the one thing I've never worried about is that line."

–Stuart Harness, The Honest Kitchen