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BWFS Team helps Nutrition Group become UK’s Largest Protein Bar Manufacturer

Jul 03, 2023

"We were just very impressed with the team and felt they were the right people to work with." - Richard Greathead, CEO, Nutrition Group PLC When the Nutrition Group PLC, a contract manufacturer of protein bars, set their sights on being the UK's biggest producer of protein bars, they knew they would need to ramp up their production. In 2018, the Nutrition Group began looking for a partner to help them increase their capacity and meet their customer's demands with a new flow wrapping solution. In this video, Richard Greathead (CEO, Nutrition Group PLC) and Sam Robinson (Sales Executive, BW Flexible Systems) discuss the unique partnership between Nutrition Group and BWFS and what it took to deliver a successful packaging machinery project to the UK's largest protein bar producer.

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Customer Testimonial: How BW Simionato Supported IQF Pasta Manufacturer's Transition from Restaurant to Global Retail Supplier

Jun 26, 2023

Surgital, an artisanal pasta and foods company in Italy, is renowned for their outstanding quality and flavors. But how do you package a fragile product like fresh-made pasta so that it can be safely delivered to stores and hungry fans around the world? With the same care and attention that went into make it. Here, Surgital's Edoardo Bacchini discusses their history, the challenges they faced, and why it was so important to find the right packaging partner for his carefully-made foods.

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Customer Testimonial: Pearson Foods Runs ISB Bagger 18-22% Faster

Jun 19, 2023

Pearson Foods, an innovative fresh foods company, recently added the Hayssen ISB vertical bagger to its fresh produce packaging lines, which also feature legacy Hayssen Ultima baggers. Pearson Foods Vice President of Operations, John Nelson, sits down with BW Flexible Systems engineer, Jeff Hembree, to discuss why they choose the Hayssen ISB, some of his favorite features, and the value of being a BWFS packaging partner.

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Better Work, Better World: Michael Sobeski of BW Flexible Systems

Mar 17, 2023

One part of our Better Work, Better World video series, which features team members from across the entire organization. This post is about one of our application engineers, Michael Sobeski.

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Meat and Cheese Companies In Economic Recovery - Post Covid

Jan 26, 2023

Learn more about how to offer 'grad-and-go' options to your customers in grocery stores for a more convenient and hygienic shopping experience.

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What do electrical vehicle manufacturers and BW Flexible Systems have in common?

Jan 19, 2023

Sustainability needs to be more than just a cool term to throw around. It’s a mindset and a vital part of the conversation that all people and all companies globally must include in their strategies.

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Cheese Market News Highlights the Hayssen ISB at Pack Expo International

Nov 03, 2022

Dan Minor is the Global Product Line Leader for VFFS Solutions and Margaret Valinski is the Director of VFFS Sales, North America for BW Flexible Systems. The following content contains excerpts from their interviews with Cheese Market News for a Packaging Progress profile, which was originally published on October 21, 2022.

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Customer Testimonial: Pet Food Success Through Speed and Reliability with The Honest Kitchen

Sep 01, 2022

A success story in the Pet Food Market through Fast Response and Customization to enable the customer to react to big increases in demand.

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Italian Facilities Reduced Our Carbon Emissions by 92%

Jul 28, 2022

As of January 1, 2022, our two Italian manufacturing plants—located in Mestrino and Monte di Malo—are now powered by 100% renewable energy, as certified by E.ON.

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Customer Testimonial: The Killer Brownie Company

Mar 25, 2022

Find out how our partnership with The Killer Brownie Co. led to product growth and distribution.

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