Pet Food & Animal Feed Packaging Equipment

At BW Flexible Systems, we focus on improving your packaging line's efficiency with innovative packaging solutions. Our machines can handle a wide range of pet food packaging types.

No matter the type of pet food, your packaging will be sure to attract pet owners' attention on the shelves. From weighing to palletizing your bags, we carry all the necessary equipment to produce high-quality pet product packaging.

Pet Food Product Packaging Solutions

Learn more about the unique features of our premium pet food packaging machines below. These machines can be customized to fit your exact specifications. From creating stand up pouches to pursuing sustainable packaging, our engineers will create a packaging solution tailored to your needs.


Increase your pet food packaging efficiency with a scale from Thiele. Each scale is suitable for multiple markets or package types.

We currently offer these scales for the pet food industry:

  • Thiele Model 6162 MasterWeigh Scale
  • Thiele 6128 Gross Weigh Bagging Scale

Both scales offer quick product changeovers and controls.

Vertical Form, Fill, and Sealing (VFFS) Machines

We carry two brands of VFFS machinery for the pet food market: Ultima and Hayssen. Both brands offer high quality packaging results, some even allowing for sustainable packaging customizations.

BW Flexible Systems is proud to offer these machines for VFFS:

  • Ultima VFFS
  • Ultima SVJ VFFS
  • Ultima SVJ Sanitary VFFS
  • Hayssen DOYZIP 380

All VFFS machines are equipped with a user-friendly control system and capable of handling a diverse range of bag sizes.

Bagging Machines

At BW Flexible Systems, we understand the importance of both efficient and effective machinery that handles a range of products. For bagging machinery, we offer a variety of solutions dependent on your production line needs.

  • Logic F
  • Logic C
  • Logic S

Bag Filling Machines

Whether you're looking for a system that can operate at high speeds or one that minimizes dusting, BW Flexible Systems has the machine for you. These machines can fit various bag materials, sizes, and closures.

Many of these systems have a product switch over that requires no mechanical work or machine shutdown, decreasing downtime and increasing operational efficiencies throughout the production process.

We offer these bag filling machines for pet food manufacturers:

  • 7107 Swinger
  • 7105 Swinger
  • Symach FillStar
  • Thiele DT Legacy
  • Thiele Omnistar
  • Thiele UltraStar
  • 7115XC Open-Mouth Bagger

Like most machinery at BW Flexible Systems, these machines can be customized to your needs.

Bag Closing Systems

Using glue application or pre-glued packaging? BW Flexible Systems has a bag closing machine that fits your current processes. Our machines provide durable packaging seals to ensure your product meets quality and safety standards.

BW Flexible Systems currently offers these bag closing solutions:

  • Thiele 4600 AeroSeal
  • Thiele 4601 AeroSeal


Reach speeds of over 150 feet per minute with these sealing machines:

  • Thiele Integral Poly Sealer
  • Thiele Integral XJX PBOM Sealer

Each of these machines are fully integrable with the OmniStar or UltraStar Bagger.


Increase your packaging line's production with the high-speed power of our Thiele and Symach palletizers:

  • Thiele Master 3500 High Level Palletizer
  • Symach Palletizers

Regardless of packaging size or shape, our palletizing machines work to stack straight pallets for easy storage and shipment. Capable of fitting a large variety of packages, these palletizers are built for flexibility.

Horizontal Flow Wrappers

BW Flexible Systems is proud to offer these industry-leading horizontal flow wrappers from Rose Forgrove and Schib:

•  Rose Forgove Integra (Top Reel)
•  Rose Forgrove Integra (Bottom Reel)
•  Rose Forgrove Minerva
•  Rose Forgrove Merlin Blu
•  Schib CO50
•  Schib CO50 BB
•  Schib CO50 TG
•  Schib CO50 BBTG
•  Schib CO90

Ready to stack and wrap your bagged product? Our Symach palletizers are trusted throughout the pet food industry to accurately and efficiently palletize bags of all shapes and sizes. Learn more about Symach's pet food capabilities.

BW Packaging Systems offers a complete range of packaging solutions for pet food—for any shape or size, whether wet or dry—and for treats and specialty items. To view the many pet food packaging solutions offered, please view our new joint Pet Food Packaging Solutions page!

Markets We Serve

At BW Flexible Systems, our systems are just that: flexible. Our pet food packaging machines are versatile, allowing us to provide solutions for many different animal nutrition markets, such as: