The Hayssen brand began in 1910, when its founder, Herman Hayssen, invented and patented the first automatic bread wrapping machine in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The first machines were manufactured in Mr. Hayssen's garage with the help of just one mechanic.

Hayssen’s foray into flexible packaging began in the early 1950's when the company began to manufacture vertical form/fill/seal machinery for packaging a variety of food products in cellophane and polyethylene.  Early models offered maximum packaging speeds in the range of 30 bags per minute.

In the 1960’s, HAYSSEN® RT horizontal flow wrappers became the standard for controlled atmosphere packaging of products such as block cheeses with a unique rotary die wheel concept that provided greatly increased dwell times and superior seals in comparison to competitive machinery.

The 1970’s saw the company build upon its flexible packaging machinery applications expertise, culminating in the 1980 introduction of the HAYSSEN ULTIMA®, a v/f/f/s machine which virtually doubled the output of what was formerly possible, reaching packaging speeds in excess of 130 bags per minute by virtue of a patented measure/form/pull packaging material handling concept.

The ULTIMA series continued to be improved throughout the 1980’s with the introduction of the ULTIMA II, ULTIMA SF, and ULTIMA CMB models, while the DATAWEIGH received a major upgrade in the early 90’s with the advent of the DATAWEIGH SIGMA Series.

In 1996, a new version of the successful ULTIMA series was introduced.  Called the ULTIMA SERVO, this new model combines servo motion control with an off-the-shelf control system for improved reliability and repeatability, as well as parts, training, and operational commonality with other customer equipment.  Also completed in 1996 was a new Header Labeler add-on system, which automates the application of paper labels to the top of the package for items marketed on rack displays.

Hayssen entered the horizontal pouch machinery market in late 1994.

Further upgrades to the Ultima product line were made in 2000 with the introduction of the Ultima ST and TR models.  The Ultima ST model, an economical machine based on the design of the production-proven Ultima CMB, offers motion control for the pull belts and measuring roller.  The Ultima TR, a new continuous motion vertical bagmaker design, uses the company's patented measuring roller to control web speed in relation to jaw speed.

Hayssen was a privately-held and family-owned company from 1910 until 1966, when it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bemis Company, a principal manufacturer of packaging materials and specialty coated and graphics products headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In May, 1997 Hayssen was acquired by Barry-Wehmiller and is now a brand of BW Flexible Systems.