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Hayssen ISB

• Intelligent • Sanitary • Bagger

The Hayssen ISB is a vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagger designed and built based on customer feedback and BW Flexible Systems' deep experience designing, building and servicing industry-leading flexible packaging machinery. In the Hayssen ISB, best-in-class sanitary design meets advanced interactivity and technology to give you a better bag and throughput.

Hygienic design and performance are at the core of the Hayssen ISB’s frame and operation. The entire machine is high-pressure washdown capable. The frame is an open-channel design with sloped surfaces and was built to have no more than one square-inch of surface-to-surface contact between its components.

Special attention has also been paid to intuitive machine operation. Changeovers on the Hayssen ISB are tool-less, except for the sealing jaws. The Hayssen ISB uses BW Flexible Systems' TruFORM forming set, a lightweight forming set that is easy to remove and install for product changeovers.

The Hayssen ISB excels in packaging environments that demand sanitary operation, including:


  • 330, 410 flat bag widths (13”, 16”)
  • 400, 500, 600 intermittent bag lengths
  • Standard side-mount swing-out cabinet with 12” wide screen HMI in front face
  • Center-driven powered film unwind
  • Easy pass through film threading
  • Swing-out electrical box with low and high voltage access doors
  • Visibility throughout.
  • FTA Changeover Safety/Accessibility - Standard 90 degree swing-out
  • IP66 high pressure washdown capable
  • NEMA 4x enclosure rating
  • Open design with open channel framing.
  • Modular design
  • Improved wire routing—No zip-tied wire bundles.
  • All surfaces are sloped.
  • High-pressure washdown capable.
  • IP66 & NEMA 4X enclosure ratings.
  • High-end polymer doors.
  • Tool-less changeovers (except for the jaws).
  • Pass-through film threading.

Available Options

  • Cell network capabilities

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