4600 AeroSeal Bag Closer

The Thiele Series 4600 AeroSealĀ® Bag Closer is designed to close stepped-end multi-wall bags after the bag has been filled with product.  Once filled, the bag closer activates the pre-applied hot melt adhesive on the bags and folds over the top to seal the closure.

As the filled bag moves along a conveyor, the bag top is manually or automatically formed and fed into the entrance guide of the closer.  V-belts then convey the bag top through the bag closer.

The bag enters between the creasing rollers to set the fold line and to fold the bag top 90 degrees.  The bag enters above the hot air nozzle where hot air, under regulated pressure and temperature, is forced against the pre-applied adhesive to activate it.

Finally, the bag top passes through a series of compression rollers to compress the fold and set the adhesive.