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Killer Brownie Co. Individually Wrapped Brownies

Customer Testimonial: The Killer Brownie Company

Mar 25, 2022

Every company hopes to face the challenges of success and demand that The Killer Brownie® Company has faced. As of 2022, The Killer Brownie Company ships their signature layered brownie desserts to more than 2000+ locations across the United States—such as specialty grocery stores, restaurants and cafes—but just a few years ago, that wasn't the case.

Established in 1988, The Killer Brownie Co. is an Ohio-based gourmet brownie manufacturer. Initially formed as part of the Dorothy Lane Market in Dayton, Ohio, by 2013, the bakery's popularity led it to spin off and establish itself as an independent business. By 2019, as word of mouth about their indulgent baked goods continued to grow, The Killer Brownie found itself fielding increasing requests for individually wrapped product.

"We would send out samples to several buyers in different locations and we would individually wrap each brownie by hand," said Chimene Mayne-Ross, President & COO of The Killer Brownie Company. "We'd get tons of requests: 'can you send it to us like this? Is it available like this?' As we received more requests, we realized that we really needed to explore what individually wrapped packaging solutions looked like for us."

With little experience in bakery packaging machinery, they sought an experienced partner.

In early 2020, Killer Brownie began looking for a packaging solution by sending samples to several packaging machinery suppliers. BW Flexible Systems responded with questions of our own. After several more samples, tests, and trial runs, BWFS found a suitable packaging solution for Killer Brownie's range of products: a Rose Forgrove Merlin Blu horizontal flow wrapper (HFFS).

What happened next was a partnership that delivered more than just machinery!

Read more about how our partnership with The Killer Brownie® Co. led to product growth and distribution by downloading our free case study below.

"The exciting part of breaking into some of these channels is where we're seeing interest where we couldn't help people before. We feel like we've entered a whole new chapter in our company's story by having this product available."

Chimene Mayne-Ross

Chimene Mayne-Ross

President & COO | The Killer Brownie® Company

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