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Image: Palletized Onions

SYMACH's Rotax Head Ups Palletizing Innovation & Efficiency

Jun 29, 2020

The innovative new Rotax head brings efficiency and savings to palletizing operations

Image: Rotax Palletizing HeadSYMACH has expanded their existing lineup of machine features with the new Rotax palletizing gripper head.

The Rotax delivers an new patent-pending 2-into-1 design enabling two filling machines to feed into one palletizing machine. Joining two product feeds into one Rotax-equipped palletizer will save money and floor space since you won't need to run an individual palletizing unit for each in-feed line.

Taking efficiency even further, the Rotax palletizing head also features an innovative four-way design, allowing bags to be fed in no matter the existing head position, meaning the palletizing bucket doesn’t have to return to the home position to receive the next bag.

Current SYMACH bag palletizing machines can stack up to a respectable 36 bags per minute (bpm), but the Rotax head increases that rate to 46 bpm – a 25% gain!

SYMACH are experts at designing and building bag palletizing solutions to suit your needs, manufacturing everything from the pallet dispenser to high speed wrapping systems – all custom designed to your requirements. Learn more about our market solutions at SYMACH.nl.

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