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Buddhani Brother Waffers

Budhani Brothers Waferwala welcomes Hayssen technology

Mar 30, 2018

Budhani Bros Waferwala has produced masterpiece potato chips in Pune, India since 1955

Hayssen VFFS technology has helped Budhani achieve high production demands that occur during the company’s peak periods. Budhani purchased two Hayssen twin multihead combination weighers, integrated with four Logic 35 vertical packaging machines to handle the bagging of various potato chip products. The systems include specific accessories for packing in a hygienic environment.

The line also includes a trouble-free feeding system with twin multihead scales for a total of more than 95 buckets, each with a capacity of 2.1 liters. The results are speeds of over 320 bags per minute with accurately weighed product reaching the Logic 35 baggers.

The Logic 35 twin system is flexible and moderate solution to high speed necessities, designed to reach high speeds with a variety of bag shapes, without being too complex in maintenance or burdensome in floor space. One key factor that influenced Budhani’s choice was the modular design of the Logic 35 VFFS.  It can be optimally converted or upgraded at any time to satisfy future market requirements. For this project, Budhani selected various accessories such as perforated knife with chapelet system, gas flush function, and automatic eye calibration for film tracking and registration. The chapelet function attaches a number of bags to each other and perforates them to create a chain of bags (10 bags of 13g bags), at marketing requests.