Dog Food Packaging Machines

At BW Flexible Systems, we focus on improving your packaging line's efficiency with innovative packaging solutions. Our bag filling and sealing machines can handle a wide range of dog food packaging types.

No matter the type of food, we want to ensure that your packaging will attract dog owners' attention and meets strict quality and safety standards. From weighing to palletizing your bags, we carry all the necessary equipment to create eye-catching and high-quality dog food packaging.

Product Lines for Dog Food Packaging

Learn more about the unique features of our dog food packaging machines below.


Increase your bagging production with the Thiele Model 6162 MasterWeigh Scale. Capable of handling a wide range of products, this scale accurately measures your product's weight. The computer control systems store and monitor the weighing operation, allowing you to store the data for future analysis.

Manufactured for weighing granular free-flowing products, the Thiele 6128 Gross Weigh Bagging Scale has a two-stage weighing system. For customization, it comes equipped with adjustable bulk and dribble flow vanes and is capable of integrating with automatic bag hangers.

Bag Filling Machines

Handle a large variety of bag materials, sizes, and closures with the Symach Fillstar Bag Filling System. This bag filling system allows you to switch to another product packaging type without having to perform mechanical work, saving you valuable time.

The 7107 Swinger and 7105 Swinger Bag Filling Systems hang heavy-duty flat tube or gusseted open-mouth poly, paper, or poly woven bags. The 7107 Series can operate at speeds up to 18 bags per minute. The 7105 Series has a little more power, enabling you to reach speeds up to 20 bags per minute.

Control your production with a touchscreen control system with the Thiele DT Legacy Bag Filling System. This system can produce up to 38 bags per minute, making it a powerful addition to your bagging line. Capable of reloading without machine shutdown, the DT Legacy Bag Filling System is packed with user-intuitive technology.

The Thiele Omnistar Bag Filling System is built for running poly, polywoven, and paper bags. Ideal for mid to large sized bags of product, this machine can operate up to 20 bags per minute.

Like the Omnistar system, the Thiele UltraStar Bag Filling System is equipped with features typically found only on small bag machinery. The UltraStar allows for production speeds up to 38 bags per minute.

To minimize dusting on your production line, the 7115XC Open-Mouth Bagger utilizes a specialized "duck bill" filling spot.

Bag Closing Systems

After your bag is filled with product, utilize the 4600 AeroSeal Bag Closer to apply hot melt adhesive for heavy duty closure. While moving along a conveyor, heat is applied to the glue and the bag is creased.

Quickly change between bag sizes with the Thiele Series 4601 AeroSeal Bag Closer. This machine serves as a dual bag closing system, which efficiently seals pre-glued, multi-wall paper bags.


The Thiele Master 3500 High Level Palletizer can reach speeds up to 36 bags per minute. With the patented layer squaring and compression system, maximize your product's full-pallet load stability.

Handle a wide variety of packaging types with the Symach Palletizers. No matter the packaging, Symach machines work to effectively stack straight pallets for easy storage and shipment. These palletizers are built for flexibility.

Vertical Form, Fill, and Sealing (VFFS) Machines

All Ultima VFFS machines can handle between 100 to 120 bags per minute. Increase your production line's speed to 120 bags per minute with The Ultima SVJ VFFS and Ultima SVJ Sanitary VFFS.

To meet your sanitation standards, the Ultima SVJ Sanitary VFFS is equipped with no hollow tubing and no flat level surfaces.

Each Ultima VFFS machine is equipped with a user-friendly control system and capable of handling a diverse range of bag sizes.

Capable of handling up to 100 bags per minute, the DoyZip 380 is a powerful addition to your production line. This machine is versatile, with the ability to handle pillow, gusseted, block bottom, quad 4-corner seal, doy bag, and 3-side seal bags.

Bagging Machines

The Logic F packaging system is flexible enough to handle fragile products at high speeds.

Logic C is capable is producing a large range of bag shapes, such as D-Bag, Quad Seal, Block Bottom, Pillow, and Resealable Zipper.

For those looking for high speed bagging solutions, the Logic S is built for speed. These systems are small and customizable through adjustable sealing force and easy format changes.


The Thiele Integral Poly Sealer increases your production rate in poly and zipper top bag manufacturing. This machine can reach speeds of over 150 feet per minute.

The Thiele Integral XJX PBOM Sealer can also reach speeds of over 150 feet per minute, allowing you to seal over 30 bags per minute.

Both sealers can Integrate into the Thiele OmniStar or UltraStar Bagger.

7115XC 7115XC a 7115XC b 7115XC e

7115XC Open-Mouth Bagger

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SYMACH Palletizers

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Image of Thiele Integral XJX PBOM Sealer

Integral XJX PBOM Sealer

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Image of Thiele Integral Poly Sealer

Integral Poly Sealer

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Thiele 4600 AeroSealer Bag Closer

4600 AeroSeal Bag Closer

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image of Thiele 4601 AeroSeal Bag Closer

4601 AeroSeal Bag Closer

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Thiele OmniStar Bag Filling System

OmniStar Bag Filling Machine

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Image of Thiele 7107 Swinger Automatic Bag Hanger

7107 Swinger Bag Filling System

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Thiele DT Legacy Automatic Bag Hanger

DT Legacy Bag Filling System

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Image of Thiele 7107 Swinger Automatic Bag Hanger

7105 Swinger Bag Filling System

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The SYMACH FILLstar SYMACH FillStar Bag Filling System

FillStar Bag Filling System

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Thiele Series 6128 Gross Weigh Bagging Scale

6128 Gross Weigh Bagging Scale

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Thiele 6162 Masterweigh Duplex Scale

MasterWeigh Scale

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Simionato Logic F

Logic F

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Simionato Logic C

Logic C

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Simionato Logic S

Logic S

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image of UltraStar Bag Filling Machine

UltraStar Bag Filling System

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Ultima VFFS

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Ultima SVJ


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Sanitary Frame Ultima VFFS

Ultima SVJ Sanitary VFFS

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