Stationary Packaging Machines

Enhance stationary packaging with our reliable machines. Improve quality & performance. Select a machine below to learn more.


Image: CO50 BB HFFS | Schib img_0786 img_0531 Bottom Film Feed on Schib CO 50 BB Flow Wrapper

Schib CO50 BB

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Image:  CO50 BBTG HFFS | Schib

Schib CO50 BBTG

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Image: CO50 TG HFFS | Schib top-film-feed-final co50tg-002-ritaglio

Schib CO50 TG

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Image: CO130 INT HFFS | Schib CO130INT_web_2 Image: CO140 INT HFFS | Schib 007-ritoccata Lower Carrying Belts on Schib CO140 INT Flow Wrapper Bottom Film Feeding on Schib CO140 INT Flow Wrapper

Schib® CO 130-140INT

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Image: Minerva HFFS | Rose Forgrove Minerva Packages on Takeaway Minerva Flow Wrapper Packages Minerva Flow Wrapper Touch Screen Controls

Rose Forgrove Minerva

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Image: CO50 HFFS | Schib thiele_ultrastar-resized-schib-50 emballeuse_0390_vr120 Automatic Feeder for Schib CO 50 Flow Wrapper

Schib® CO50 Horizontal Flow Wrapper

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