Snack, Nut and Dry Fruit Packaging Equipment

Snacks such as nuts, chips, and more are packaged in a variety of ways. BW Flexible Systems has packaging solutions that can be quickly changed to meet the needs of your line. Cut down on wasted time when you use Barry-Wehmiller solutions for the following:

  • Chips
  • Crisps
  • Pretzels
  • Potato chips
  • Nuts
  • Extruded snacks
  • Corn snacks
  • Dried fruit
  • Bread snacks
  • Popcorn
  • Puffed snacks
  • Salty Snacks
  • Namkeen
  • Snack mix
  • Trail mix
  • Granola
CM Verus front view from the right-hand side. Front view of the CM Verus with doors closed. Front-facing view of the CM Verus with doors open. Front left view of the CM Verus. View of the CM Verus from the rear left-hand side. The CM Verus has been designed for ease of use. Here a Silhouette demonstrates the low-height design of the CM Verus. CM Verus features a sanitary design. This image shows the angled cabinet on the CM Verus. Jaws - Back Seal and Forming Set on the CM Verus.

CM Verus

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co50bb---ritocco_schib-logo img_0786 img_0531 Bottom Film Feed on Schib CO 50 BB Flow Wrapper

Schib CO50 BB

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Schib CO50 HFFS

Schib CO50 BBTG

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top-film-feed-final co50tg-002-ritaglio co50tg-001schiblogo

Schib CO50 TG

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Rose Forgrove Merlin Flow Wrapper

Rose Forgrove Merlin Blu

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minerva Minerva Packages on Takeaway Minerva Flow Wrapper Packages Minerva Flow Wrapper Touch Screen Controls

Rose Forgrove Minerva

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schib_014 co90_2015_schiblogo Busta_Generica

Schib CO90

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thiele_ultrastar-resized-schib-50 emballeuse_0390_vr120 co50-newschiblogo Automatic Feeder for Schib CO 50 Flow Wrapper

Schib CO50

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Thiele Master 3500 High Level Palletizer

Thiele Master 3500 High Level Palletizer

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Novus Doy Quad

Novus Doy/Quad

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Simionato Logic F

Logic F

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Simionato Logic C

Logic C

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Simionato Logic S

Logic S

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DoyZip 380

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Ultima VFFS

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Ultima SVJ


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Sanitary Frame Ultima VFFS

Ultima SVJ Sanitary VFFS

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