Frozen Food & IQF Packaging Machines

At BW Flexible Systems, our goal is to improve packaging line efficiency with innovative packaging solutions. Our bag filling and sealing machines can handle a wide range of frozen food products.

We take pride in offering industry-leading frozen food packaging equipment to create eye-catching and high-quality packaging that will stand out in the freezer aisle.

Packaging Solutions for Frozen Food Packaging

Learn more about the unique features of our frozen food packaging machines below.

Vertical Form, Fill, and Sealing (VFFS) Machines

Looking for a reliable vertical form fill seal packaging solution? At BW Flexible Systems, we carry these industry leading VFFS brands for the frozen/IQF industry:

  • Hayssen
  • Sandiacre
  • Simionato

All machines can handle between 100 to 120 bags per minute.

Designed and built based on customer feedback and BW Flexible Systems' deep VFFS experience, the Hayssen ISB delivers best-in-class sanitary design alongside advanced interactivity and technology to give you a better bag and throughput. The Hayssen ISB excels in packaging environments that demand sanitary operation.

Increase your production line's speed to 120 bags per minute with The Ultima SVJ VFFS and Ultima SVJ Sanitary VFFS.

The Ultima SVJ Sanitary VFFS was specifically designed to exceed your sanitation standards. This vertical form fill and seal machine is equipped with no hollow tubing and no flat level surfaces.

Each Ultima VFFS machine is equipped with a user-friendly control system and capable of handling a wide variety of different sized bags.

With the combined durability of the Hayssen, Sandiacre, and Simionato brands, the CM Verus is an innovative continuous motion VFFS machine. This machine is also capable of remote support, making troubleshooting easier than ever.

Horizontal Flow Wrappers

For over 50 years, Schib has provided innovative flow wrapping solutions. All machines can be used for a variety of markets.

We currently offer these Schib Horizontal Flow Wrappers:

  • Schib CO50
  • Schib CO50 BB
  • Schib CO50 TG
  • Schib CO50 BBTG

For primary or secondary primary applications, the Schib CO50 can reach speeds of up to 200 packages per minute. This machine can be configured for rotary, D-cam, or long-dwell jaws.

If you produce difficult-to-handle items, such as soft, sticky, or heavy food products, the Schib CO50 BB is equipped with bottom film feed for easy packaging.

The Schib CO50 TG is also an option for difficult-to-handle items and can even package those that require hermetic sealing.

Perform hermetic sealing and package difficult products with the Schib CO50 BBTG. This machine is bottom film feed and features independent temperature control circuits for easy production management.

In addition to Schib, we also carry Rose Forgrove horizontal flow wrappers. Rose Forgrove has been manufacturing horizontal form/fill/seal machines since 1901.

BW Flexible Systems is proud to offer these industry-leading horizontal flow wrappers from Rose Forgrove:

  • Rose Forgove Integra (Top Reel)
  • Rose Forgrove Integra (Bottom Reel)
  • Rose Forgrove Minerva

Efficiently power through production with the Rose Forgrove Minerva. Equipped with five independent motors and rotary sealing jaws, this machine can reach up to 500 ppm.

The Rose Forgrove Integra (Bottom Reel) is built for food products that require a hermetic seal using barrier, laminated, and all other heat-sealable films. This system utilizes a bottom reel, which requires the film to feed from the bottom of the machine.

Opposite of the bottom reel series, there is a system built for top reel production. The Rose Forgrove Integra (Top Reel) is perfect for products requiring hermetic seals.

Frozen Food Markets We Serve

At BW Flexible Systems, our systems allow us to provide solutions for many different frozen food products, such as:

Potato and corn
French fry, tater tots, and hash browns
Frozen vegetables and mixes
Ice cream bars
Meat patties (hamburger)
Veggie patties (veggie burger)
Plant-based proteins
Pancakes and waffles
Meat filled pies
Meats and poultry
Seafood & scallops
Fish sticks
Corn dogs
HayssenISB_G_800x500 ISB350_2020-10_046_sm_cabinet ISB350_2020-10_006sm_Front ISB350_2020-10_013_sm ISB350_2020-10_109sm HayssenISB_20201001_164816

Hayssen ISB (Intelligent Sanitary Bagger)

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CM Verus front view from the right-hand side. Front view of the CM Verus with doors closed. Front-facing view of the CM Verus with doors open. Front left view of the CM Verus. View of the CM Verus from the rear left-hand side. The CM Verus has been designed for ease of use. Here a Silhouette demonstrates the low-height design of the CM Verus. CM Verus features a sanitary design. This image shows the angled cabinet on the CM Verus. Jaws - Back Seal and Forming Set on the CM Verus.

CM Verus

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Image: CO50 HFFS | Schib thiele_ultrastar-resized-schib-50 emballeuse_0390_vr120 Automatic Feeder for Schib CO 50 Flow Wrapper

Schib® CO50 Horizontal Flow Wrapper

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Image: CO50 BB HFFS | Schib img_0786 img_0531 Bottom Film Feed on Schib CO 50 BB Flow Wrapper

Schib CO50 BB

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Image:  CO50 BBTG HFFS | Schib

Schib CO50 BBTG

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Image: CO50 TG HFFS | Schib top-film-feed-final co50tg-002-ritaglio

Schib CO50 TG

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Image: Integra (Top Reel) HFFS | Rose Forgrove

Rose Forgrove Integra (Top Reel)

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Image: Integra (Bottom Reel) HFFS | Rose Forgrove integra_back-resized

Rose Forgrove Integra (Bottom Reel)

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Image: Minerva HFFS | Rose Forgrove Minerva Packages on Takeaway Minerva Flow Wrapper Packages Minerva Flow Wrapper Touch Screen Controls

Rose Forgrove Minerva

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Sanitary Frame Ultima VFFS

Ultima SVJ Sanitary VFFS

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Ultima SVJ


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Ultima VFFS

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