Cereal and Pasta Packaging

Packaging cereals or pasta is easy with solutions from BW Flexible Systems. Start incorporating the following products with your packaging lines today:

  • Granola
  • Flakes
  • Coated cereals
  • Wheat squares
  • Dry pasta
  • Noodles
co50bb---ritocco_schib-logo img_0786 img_0531 Bottom Film Feed on Schib CO 50 BB Flow Wrapper

Schib CO50 BB

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Schib CO50 HFFS

Schib CO50 BBTG

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top-film-feed-final co50tg-002-ritaglio co50tg-001schiblogo

Schib CO50 TG

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Simionato Logic S

Logic S

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Simionato Logic C

Logic C

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Simionato Logic F

Logic F

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Novus Doy Quad

Novus Doy/Quad

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DoyZip 380

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Sanitary Frame Ultima VFFS

Ultima SVJ Sanitary VFFS

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Ultima SVJ


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Ultima VFFS

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thiele_ultrastar-resized-schib-50 emballeuse_0390_vr120 co50-newschiblogo Automatic Feeder for Schib CO 50 Flow Wrapper

Schib CO50

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