Novus Doy Quad

Novus Doy/Quad

The NOVUS is designed for both high speed and modular rapid changeover to produce high-quality stand-up pouches. Strongly received by a variety of industries, it has flexibility to run both Quad Seal and Doy Packs with an easy changeover to high speed pillow bag production. All systems feature low maintenance with modular assemblies for quick changeover and improved accessibility.

The NOVUS servo-driven system features off-the-shelf Allen-Bradley ControlLogix control system with Kinetix 6000 servo drive system. A user-friendly HMI features on screen tutorial, operator monitor. Take full advantage of the wide speed range and wide range of bag styles with configurations available for a variety of polyethylene or laminate film applications. The slim-line footprint saves valuable floor space while the fully enclosed construction offers environmental protection. The Doy/Quad feature requires no added height to the system and no clutter or complications in the forming tube area.

Production Rate
  • Up to 200 bags per minute for pillow
  • Up to 80 bags for Doy/Quad

Package Range
  • Pillow
    • Min Width: 60mm (2.36”)
    • Min Length: 60mm (2.36”)
    • Max Width: 380mm (14.96”)
  • Quad
    • Min Width x Depth: 60mm x 50mm (2.36” x 1.97”)
    • Min Length: 90mm (3.54”)
    • Max Width x Depth: 188mm x 140mm (7.40” x 5.51”)
  • Doy
    • Please consult your BWFS Sales Executive for exact package range dimensions
  • Extremely Flexible: Run Quad Seal, Doy Packs and Pillow bags with easy changeover.  Run High Speed Pillow bag production when bypassing Quad Seal Doy Pack cassette unit
  • Combines high speed and modular rapid tool-less changeover to produce high quality stand up pouches
  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC with Kinetix 6000 Servo Drive System
  • Novus is available with enclosed painted or stainless steel construction and stainless steel product contact surfaces
  • Slim-line footprint
  • Modular assemblies for quick changeover and reduced setup times
  • Various jaw types
  • Zipper applicators
  • Integrated conveyors
  • Ethernet connection (MIS/Scada) systems
  • Block bottom/gusset
  • Tear notch
  • Ccode dater
  • Gas flushing
  • Static eliminator
  • Tucking devices

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