DoyZip 380

High Performance & Biggest Doy Bag available with a height of 380 mm!

Combining proven state of the art technology, customer driven features, and reliable design, the Hayssen DoyZip 380 VFFS intermittent motion bagger can efficiently produce a range of bag formats, sizes, and shapes, with or without zip re-close.

Have it all with the Hayssen DoyZip 380, one of the most versatile, efficient, and competitive machines on the market.

Production Rate
  • Up to 100 bags per minute depending on bag format and size

Power Requirements
  • 208–480 Vac, 50–60 HZ, 3 Phase+Ground, 8.5 KVA max
  • High speed intermittent motion VFFS bagger with precise film control to efficiently produce a wide range of bag formats, sizes, and shapes, all with or without zip reclose
  • Versatility to make the complete range of bag formats Pillow, Gusseted, Block Bottom, Quad 4-Corner Seal, Doy and 3-Side Seal bags
  • Sealing systems for polyethylene and laminate multilayer films
  • Biggest Doy bag available with a height of 380 mm
  • Intuitive, icon driven operator interface with 10” Color Touch Screen Panel PC and remote monitoring/control capability
  • Optimized productivity with quick change over times
  • Servo motor driven sealing jaw actuation for high speed output and optimum seal integrity
  • Vertical In-line ZIP system for Doy and 3-Side Seal bags
  • Transverse ZIP system for all other bag formats
  • Euro hole or Carry handle Easy open notch
  • Allen-Bradley control system
  • Full stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Vacuum pull belts
  • Nip drive roll for film advance assist
  • Quad 4-Corner sealing system
  • Gusset device for Pillow or Block Bottom bag
  • Flat bottom film fin bending/cooling
  • Static elimination
  • Gas flush and detection
  • Dust extraction
  • Remote monitoring/control and teleassistance/diagnostics package with IP webcam
  • Integration with a variety of printers and labelers
  • Product anti-bridging devices
  • Strip bags with perforation for easy tear separation
  • Film punch for Doy bag bottom gusset seal for mono-sealant films

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