Streamfeeder U-Card Former Feeder

U-Card Former Feeder

Streamfeeder’s U-Card Formers are designed to feed, form, and dispense a variety of cards, trays, and labels into U, J, and L configurations. Once formed, the card can then be placed on a variety of conveyor streams for product placement and wrapping. Our U-Card formers are perfect for microwave susceptor cards and chip board protective cards.


  • Allen-Bradley touch screen display
  • Long lasting natural rubber feed belts
  • Vacuum assist
  • One-knob side guide positioning
  • Miss-detect
  • Timeout stop
  • Photo-sensor trigger input
  • 24VDC inputs / outputs for system integration
  • Trigger delay
  • Self-triggering feature for stand-alone operation
  • Stainless steel construction


Microwave Susceptor Cards, Perforated Cards, Scored Paperboard Cards, Labels


Flow Wrappers, Food Packaging Lines, Shrink Wrappers

  • Adjustable discharge
  • Vertical Discharge
  • Vacuum Transport
  • Small Product
  • Configuration
  • Powered rotating gate
  • Speed matching
  • Low stack detect
  • Double sheet detect
  • Tower lamp

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