Streamfeeder Reliant Inserter Feeder

Reliant Inserter Feeder

Streamfeeder’s Reliant Inserter Feeder is designed for 6x9 swing-arm inserters. It combines flexible performance and variable speed with superior feeding capabilities while precisely separating, singulating, and presenting many types of mail inserts to the gripper jaw of swing arm inserters. This friction feeder can also run continuously on inkjet and tabber bases by simply repositioning the sensor out of the product path.


  • Digital Speed Indicator
  • Long-lasting natural gum rubber feed belts
  • Independent side guide positioning
  • Self-adjusting discharge hold down
  • Patented product separator
  • High-performance photo sensor, tool-less adjust
  • Suction cup mounting to the rear inserter table
  • Material control keep products in position at jaw
  • Small product insert plate


Brochures, Business Cards, Cardstock, C-Folds, Envelopes, Flat Cartons, Manuals, Payment Booklets, Plastic Cards, Post Cards, Sheet Paper, Z-Folds


6x9 Swing-arm Inserters, Inkjet Systems, Laminators, Tabbers

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