Streamfeeder FeedNet

Feednet Collator Systems

Streamfeeder FeedNet advanced collator communications systems are a central control station for the collating system to provide communication integration between conveyors, feeders, and host systems such as shrink wrappers, flow wrappers, poly-baggers, cartoners, and more.

Key Advantages:

  • Sequential start / stop
  • Configurable feeder location
  • System diagnostics
  • Host interface
  • Single flight sensor
  • Line synchronization
  • Inter-pocket adjustment
  • HMI touch screen
  • Timed-indexing
  • Divert signaling
  • Job size
  • Downstream inhibit
  • Audible alarm
  • Inter-pocket adjustment
  • Remote access support module
  • Other optional features available


Accumulating, Batch Counting, Collating, Kit Fulfillment, Package Inserting, Tip-On / Affixing

  • Ready-signal indexing
  • Selective feeding based on pre-programmed recipes or barcode designation

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