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FeedMAX Bulk Autoloaders

Streamfeeder’s high capacity FeedMAX Series of Bulk Autoloaders maximize operator efficiency and reduces labor cost realizing ROI in less than 4 weeks in many cases. By aligning the FeedMAX at a right angle, you can create a U-shaped work station that allows a single operator to run an entire job without additional labor.

FeedMAX is ideal for creating increased feeder capacity for long run jobs like feeding envelopes, magazines, self-mailers, postcards, leaflets, flyers, folders, and more. Our adjustable product guide, patented Dynamic Rotation Technology™, and “Shaker” plate helps increase product separation and improve alignment.

Key Advantages:

  • Dynamic Rotation Technology™
  • "Shaker" plate
  • Six or nine foot autoloader
  • External run interfaces
  • Casters


Booklets, Cardboard, Chipboard, Envelopes, Flats, Flyers, Folders, Leaflets, Magazines, Pamphlets, Plastics, Postcards, Single Sheets, Self-mailers, 8/64 Signatures


Addressing, Coding, Date Stamping, Labeling, Scanning, Tabbing, Tip-On/Affixing, Verification

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