Schib CO100 Biscuits on Edge Packaging

Flow-pack system suitable for a wide range of products on edge: square, rectangular and round biscuits, crackers, cookies and sandwich biscuits.

Schib’s solutions dedicated to on-edge collations of products are ideal for packaging biscuits, crackers, sandwich biscuits, and cookies on edge. Our packaging systems can run different product shapes (square, rectangular and round biscuits), different product sizes as well as different slug lengths.

Thanks to innovative 5-axis servo drive technology, we ensure quick changeovers, total control of the slug and gentle product handling throughout the packaging cycle.

Even the most fragile products are gently supported in upright position as they travel along the packaging system, especially at the transfer points that may be critical for product integrity.

The slugs are smoothly transferred from the cross feeder into the chain of the flow wrapper and further into the film tube and the sealing head. An option is available for controlling also the slug length so to allow ejection of any incomplete or misplaced slug.