Image: CO50 HFFS | Schib thiele_ultrastar-resized-schib-50 emballeuse_0390_vr120 Automatic Feeder for Schib CO 50 Flow Wrapper

Schib® CO50 Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Increase your production speeds with the Schib CO50 Horizontal Flow Wrapper from BW Flexible Systems.

The compact CO50 is a high-speed horizontal flow wrapper with a small footprint, which makes integrating this system into your existing line easier than ever.

Similar to other machines produced by BW Flexible Systems, the CO50 is a flexible and reliable machine ready to take on your industry.

These machines can package a wide range of products, ranging from food to non-food items. It's especially great for those needing primary or secondary packaging to ensure your product's quality.

The Schib CO50 is operated by a user-friendly 7” color touch screen, making it easy for operators of all skill levels to control.

In addition to its compact design and easy-to-operate HMI functionality, the CO50 is engineered to maximize your productivity. These machines have low maintenance costs and a fast machine changeover.

Continue reading to learn more about the Schib CO50 Compact Horizontal Flow Wrapper.

Learn more about the Schib CO50's dimensions and power specifications below.


  • Up to 200 ppm

Min/Max Product Dimensions - Standard

  • Length: 50 / 480 mm
  • Width: 5 / 200 mm
  • Height: 1 / 120 mm

Min/Max Product Dimensions - Optional

  • Length: > 1500 mm
  • Width: 5 / 300 mm

Installed / Absorbed Power

  • 4 / 1.5 kW

This horizontal flow wrapper from BW Flexible Systems does more than just increase your production rates – it also improves your overall production process and product quality.

Here are more added benefits of the Schib CO50:

  • Hygienic and easy-to-clean design suitable for a wide range of industries (both food and non-food products)
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Fast format changeover with minimal downtime
  • 7” color touch screen offering user-friendly HMI functionality
  • Icon-based operator interface with real time diagnostics
  • 500 mm film width (700 mm as an option)
  •  All product contact parts are made of stainless steel or food grade plastic
  • Stainless steel version on demand
  • Independent temperature control circuits incorporated into the control panel
  • Product-specific infeed and automatic feeders are available on demand

Wanting to increase your machine's capabilities as your production grows? The Schib CO50 currently has these machine options available:

  • Twin Jaws Configuration
  • Automatic Film Splicer
  • Motorized Film Pre-Feed
  • Reel Run Out Sensor
  • Pre-Printed Film Registration
  • No Product – No Bag Function to Minimize Film Waste
  • Gusset Tucking
  • Euro-Slot
  • Remote Service Device

There are also automatic feeders and product conveying/handling devices available on demand.

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