Image: RT2000 Dual Lane HFFS | Hayssen RT HFFS Open Access Frame RT2000 Long Dwell HFFS


The RT family of HFFS systems feature a unique long dwell sealing system for high-speeds coupled with hermetic seals. Available in single and dual lane, the RT2000 is perfect for modified atmosphere requirement and features MAGNUM® dies for improved end seals, film edge tracking, closed loop heat control with high & low heat temperature alarms for individual dies, constant film tension and unwind brake system with roll diameter feedback.

The RT2000’s tubular front and rear frame allow for easy access and built to withstand severe operating environments and stringent sanitation procedures. The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platform with PV+1000 VersaView color touch screen is user-friendly and simplifies programming.

Production Rate
  • Up to 200 pkg/min or linear film speed of 2000 inches per minute
  • High speed option allows for 250 pkg/min
  • Dual lane option allows for 500 pkg/min

Package Range
  • Minimum Width: 1.75” (45mm) Maximum Width: 13” (330mm)
  • Minimum Length: 4.25” (108mm) Maximum Length: 14” (355mm)
  • Minimum Height: 0.5” (13mm) Maximum Height: 3” (76mm)

Power/Air Requirements
  • 230 vac, single phase, 50/60 hz, 30 amp service
  • Air Supply: 3 scfm @ 65 psi
  • Unique die wheel design concept offers an extended sealing dwell time to produce the best seals in the world at increased speeds
  • Perfect for modified atmosphere (MAP) requirements
  • Change package size without any parts change
  • Allen-Bradley Controls with color touch screen
  • Tubular frame offers accessibility and built to withstand severe operating environments and stringent sanitation procedures
  • Dual lane model available for smaller packages and higher speeds
  • Optional C-fold package style with multiple reclose options
  • Cantilevered pneumatic film spindle
  • Separate motor drive on discharge conveyor tabletop chain
  • stainless steel construction
  • gas flushing for one or two gases
  • c-fold package
  • zipper-ready features
  • hole punches
  • product guides on exit conveyors
  • servo infeed drives
  • product jam detection
  • misplaced product detection

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