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Rose Forgrove Integra (Bottom Reel)

Your production line has unique needs that all your machines must meet to ensure the production schedule does not fall behind and quality does not decline. BW Flexible Systems designs and manufactures machines that are customizable and suitable for a variety of environments and applications to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

The Rose Forgrove Integra horizontal flow wrapper is suitable for both food and non-food products that require a hermetic seal using barrier, laminated, and all other heat-sealable types of films. This particular Rose Forgrove Integra machine utilizes a bottom reel with the film feed from the bottom of the machine, rather than the top.

This horizontal flow wrapper offers both modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and standard environments. With a programmable logic controller (PLC) system, the Rose Forgrove Integra horizontal flow wrapper operates with five independent motors and long-dwell cross sealing jaws.

Learn more about the Rose Forgrove Integra horizontal flow wrapper (bottom reel) below and how it can integrate into your production line.

Features of the Rose Forgrove Integra Horizontal Flow Wrapper (Bottom Reel)

The Rose Forgrove Integra line of horizontal flow wrappers distinguishes itself through innovative engineering and flexibility. If you are interested in learning how BW Flexible Systems can customize our horizontal flower wrappers to meet your specific production line requirements, please reach out to us today.

Competitive Production Rate

This horizontal flow wrapper with a bottom reel is capable of up to 150ppm with a single-jaw configuration.

The product range for the Rose Forgrove Integra horizontal flow wrapper (bottom reel) can handle packages with a length of 50-350mm, width of 20-220 mm, and a height up of to 150mm.

User-Friendly Controls

The Rose Forgrove Integra horizontal flow wrapper (bottom reel) is equipped with an industry-standard Allen Bradley PLC with an operator interface with a 10” thin-film transistor (TFT) color touch screen.

Right and left hand machines are available, and the solid mechanical construction includes special attention to hygiene, operator ergonomics, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Customizable Machine Design

The horizontal flow wrapper from BW Flexible Systems can be customized to fit your specific needs. There are many available options to make this machine work best for your production line. Some of the customizations include reel runout sensor, misplaced product detection, product high sensor and more.

Integrate Rose Forgrove Integra Machines into Your Production

With quick changeovers and easy-to-clean features, the Rose Forgrove Integra horizontal flow wrapper with bottom film reel is sure to be an asset to your production line.

Contact BW Flexible Systems today to discuss your specific production requirements.

Package Range
  • Length: 50-350mm
  • Width: 20-220mm
  • Height: up to 150mm

Power/Air Requirements
  • Power Supply: Europe: 380/420V 50Hz, Three Phase + Neutral
  • USA: 440/480V 60 Hz, Two Phase + Neutral
  • Air Supply: 6 bar
Dependable and Flexible Machine Design
  • Solid mechanical construction with special attention to aspects of hygiene, ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Right and left hand machines available (right hand: product flows from left to right)
  • Machine finish in Stainless Steel or Painted
  • 350mm max reel diameter / 76mm diameter core
  • Film fed from the top or bottom of the machine
  • All parts in contact with products are stainless steel and food grade plastic
  • Solid mechanical construction with special attention to aspects of Hygiene (GMP),
    ease of Cleaning & Maintenance and Operator Ergonomics

User-friendly Controls
  • Control system with industry standard Allen Bradley PLC
  • Operator Interface with TFT color touch screen 10”
  • Multi-axis drive technology with 5 independent axis for product infeed, longitudinal
    sealing rollers, film feed, long-dwell sealing head and discharge belt
  • No-product / no-bag system
  • Misplaced Product Detect
  • Individual temperature control circuits for the 2 sets of heated longitudinal sealing
  • Independent temperature control on the sealing jaws integrated into control panel
  • Automated product size change with all program parameters saved in product data
    base, holding parameters for up to 99 different products
  • 6 x User defined electronic cam outputs for peripheral devices available
  • Service mode for diagnostics, trouble shooting and basic machine configuration,
    different level (User configurable) of password-protection
  • Additional user-defined password level for limiting / excluding access to selected
    machine functions, setting changes and sensitive data

A few of the many available options include:

  • Reel run-out sensor
  • Misplaced product detect
  • Product high sensor
  • Pin type perforator
  • Infeed extensions
  • Gusseting units
  • Crimp carryover unit
  • Euroslot crimp jaws
  • Labellers

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