Hayssen Veltron Infeed

The Veltron II system accepts a single of random fed product from the customer’s feed conveyor and times the product to present it, in register, to the HayssenSandiacre wrapping machine. Product accumulation minimizes skipped product feeds (empty bags) on the wrapping machine. The floating belt-to-belt transition eliminates the friction and backlog pressure that would result from a belt sliding below the product.

A single lane of random fed product, from the user’s upstream equipment, is fed into the infeed section and moves forward to the transfer section. The servo-controlled floating transfer point moves to locate the product stream. This accumulation, along with the servo-controlled belt speed, allows for a constant flow of product in the event of limited, skipped product feeds. The product moves forward to the discharge belt and is spaced for the ideal speed and correct position for transfer to the wrapping film on the horizontal wrapper.

The Veltron II control system can be integrated with the RT or Rose Forgrove machine and may control the start/stop and running speed of the wrapper based on the rate of product flow.