3500S Palletizer from Thiele | SYMACH

3500S Palletizer

The 3500S offers dependable and high-speed palletizing capabilities for various solutions including bags, bales, and cases, by merging the original 3500 Master palletizer with the best Thiele & SYMACH palletizing platform options.

With a more compact footprint, the 3500S has a smaller footprint than a robotic palletizing solution making it the ideal choice for challenging and tight environments. Our upstream and downstream options allow your palletizing project to be engineered to your specific needs.

The 3500S uses the best design techniques. A key feature of the 3500S is an intuitive drag and drop HMI. Next generation design thinking has also been applied for an optimally clean design and a robust build quality to minimize downtime.

Production Speed

  • Up to 40 units per minute

Power Requirements

  • 480V, 3 phase, 60Hz
  • 480V, 3 phase, 50Hz

Air Requirements

  • Standard 7,5 bar (110 PSI)
  • Possibility for 5-7,5 bar with the optional booster/buffertank combination

Maximum Load Size

  • Length 1600mm x Width 1200mm

Maximum Load Height

  • 2150mm / 2400mm / 2650mm

Available Control Systems

  • Allen Bradley
  • Sigmatek

Ambient Temperature

  • +5°C to +40°C
  • 12+ languages standard available
  • Connection to an ERP/WMS/MES system for information exchange between the Thiele | SYMACH machines and the customers enterprise and/or control systems
  • Pallet transport height (top of roller/chain conveyor): 450mm
  • Remote access to the equipment for Thiele & SYMACH technicians (if a network connection is available)

Pallet Dispensing

Our pallet dispensing module automates the pallet loading process and is designed to dispense empty pallets onto a conveyor system, which ensures a continuous supply of pallets to meet production demands. Multiple options allow complete flexibility and customization based on your exact specifications and needs.

Slip Sheet Dispenser

We offer dispensers for base, intermediate and top sheets. Base sheets can be placed on the empty pallet with precut sheets or from a roll. Intermediate sheets can be placed in between each layer to add stability to your stack and a top sheet dispenser can be added after the pallet stacking is complete for extra protection.

Pallet Wrapper

Our rotating arm and turntable wrapping machines enhance the pallet stability with options for both net and stretch film. These sturdy machines include a clamping unit for optimal tension and secure wrapping. The option to add craft paper as an intermediate layer protects against light damage.

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