Packaging Line Scales

BW Flexible Systems offers a range of industry-leading, multi-headed packaging scale systems delivering extremely accurate and fast weighing of products for packaging precision.

We offer wide range of packaging line scale applications for all the industry sectors we serve, including IQF, produce, vegetables, confectionery, cheese, bakery, and more.

Scales and Computer Combination Weighers

For our systems that include scales and vertical form-fill seal (VFFS) equipment, we offer a wide range of computer combination net-weigh scales to choose from. You can select up to 24 weigh heads and 5,000-gram weight capacities from our selection of scales.

With models available for various applications, including mixing and blending of combinations, we are equipped to meet the unique needs of your packaging line and provide customized solutions. Combination Weighers can be paired with VFFS, horizonal form-fill seal equipment (HFFS), or multiple point discharge packaging machinery. BW Flexible Systems also supports Yamato and Ishida brand scales.

Packaging Line Scale Products

Masterweigh Scale - Thiele Model

The Thiele Model 6162 MasterWeigh Scale combines two MasterWeigh Simplex scales within one framework. While one scale fills, the other dumps, dramatically increasing your bagging production.

Some of the features included in the MasterWeigh Scale are the ability to weigh products at high speeds, complete integration with a compatible machine, and stainless-steel surfaces.

6128 Gross Weigh Bagging Scale - Thiele Model

The 6128 Gross Weigh Scale provides accurate weighing of granular free-flowing products. The computer-controlled system makes operation simple and product changeovers fast and easy.

A two-stage weighing system is standard, as is automatic weight compensation. This technology specifically weighs product that has already been packaged.


Thiele Series 6128 Gross Weigh Bagging Scale

6128 Gross Weigh Bagging Scale

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