Horizontal Flow Wrappers

Horizontal flow wrappers perform three tasks in one fluid, continuous motion: forming a bag, filling it, and then sealing and discharging the finished product. The packages need to be protective, consistent, and professional-looking without sacrificing speed. Flow wrappers are often called form fill and seal machines.

The BW Flexible Systems Horizontal Form, Fill, Seal (HFFS) product line of flow wrappers are the preferred choice from small start-ups to large companies with high-speed requirements. Our Hayssen, Rose Forgrove, and Schib horizontal flow wrappers produce the best seals, wrapping, and packaging for a wide variety of applications, including difficult-to-handle products. Discover how BW Flexible Systems can help find a custom form, fill, and seal solution for your product line.

Horizontal Flow Wrapper Applications

Our HFFS machines seamlessly handle a multitude of sizes and materials. This gives you the flexibility to easily package a wide variety of products using the same line. This increases the profitability of your company and allows you to take on more challenging packaging requirements without sacrificing efficiency.

Horizontal Flow Wrappers from BW Flexible Systems are used to safely and securely package materials in various industries including:

  • Frozen Products
  • Produce
  • Snacks
  • Bakery Goods
  • Cheese and Dairy
  • Pet and Animal Food

No matter what you need to package, we can customize a horizontal flow wrapper to meet your needs.

BW Flexible Systems offers a lifetime warranty on all Horizontal Flow Wrappers. Unlike most horizontal form fill and seal machine manufacturers, we will service our products as long as you own the equipment. Our service is complete through design, installation and commissioning, and never expires with lifetime support.

Horizontal Flow Wrapper Installation

Ready to incorporate HFFS solutions at your facility? Contact BW Flexible Systems for a consultation today. Our team will visit your facility to ensure that we provide a flow wrapper that meets all of your requirements.

Once the system has been designed, BW Flexible Systems will deliver and assemble the horizontal flow wrapper machine. We take pride in the performance and quality of our equipment and want to be involved from end to end.

Once installed, we will provide training for your on-site team to help you get the most from your system.

Explore our horizontal flow wrapper options below and find out how Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal machines can increase efficiency and profits for your manufacturing line today.

BW Flexible Systems Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines

BW Flexible Systems is the preferred horizontal form fill seal machine manufacturer for those looking for efficiency and industrial construction for their product line. Learn more about our HFFS machines below to find the right one for your application.