Bag Filling Equipment - Semi-Free Flowing

Fill a variety of bag types and sizes with a semi-free flowing bagging machine from BW Flexible Systems. These machines are designed to bag free and semi-free flowing products at high speeds.

BW Flexible Systems is a worldwide provider of automatic bagging machines engineered to make your production line more efficient. We have over 50 years of experience in machine design, integration, and support.

How Do Semi-free Flowing Bagging Machines Work?

Each bag filling machine operates in its own way. The main function of the bagging machine is filling bags, which are fed into the machine, and transporting them to the filling mechanism. Then, the product bags are filled with a set amount of product.

Various BW Flexible Systems’ machines, such as the Thiele 3110 Bag Filling System and the 3109 Bag Filling System, are designed to be fully automatic.

Many of these free to semi-free flowing product baggers are engineered to minimize dust during production. This helps with keeping your machine and workspace clean.

Solutions for a Wide Range of Products & Markets

Semi-Free Flowing bagging systems from BW Flexible Systems are suitable for a wide variety of markets, including industrial & automotive, food, agricultural, Medical, and Pet/Animal Food products.

Our semi-free flowing bagging machines can be used to package many products, including:

  • Resins
  • Pigments
  • Talc
  • Powdered chemicals
  • Dry ingredients, such as flour and sugar

Explore Our Semi-Free Flowing Bagging Machine Options

Seamlessly integrate a BW Flexible System feed auger with your bag filling equipment or utilize it as a standalone machine. These augers can be used with free-flowing, non-free flowing, powders, and dry products.

We currently offer All-Fill, Mateer-Burt augers, and a Spee-Dee auger integration.


All-Fill auger filling equipment provides your production line with an accurate fill at high speeds.

Learn more about the All-Fill Line of Augers


The Mateer-Burt line of filling solutions from Pneumatic Scale Angelus, a sister company of BW Flexible Systems, is equipped to tackle your product-filling needs.

Learn more about Mateer-Burt Filling Solutions

Spee-Dee Auger Integration

Bag filling machines by BW Flexible Systems can be integrated with Spee-Dee augers, which are manufactured by Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc. Each auger filler provides precise product filling with minimal production waste, allowing you to get the most out of production.

Learn more about Spee-Dee Augers

Volumetric Feeders

Accurately fill products as small as salt granules or as coarse as popcorn with BW Flexible Systems’ volumetric feeding solutions.

These units can feed a variety of products, such as beans, pet food, snacks, rice, and candy. In addition to full-size volumetric feeders, BWFS also offers slim-profile volumetric feeders that can integrate with automatic equipment.

Hayssen (5H-6H-9H)

BW Flexible Systems’ Hayssen feeders can be easily integrated with your semi-free flowing systems. Choose between 5, 6, or 9 adjustable volumetric feed cups.

Spee-Dee Integration

We also offer a Spee-Dee integration for volumetric feeders, which helps to optimize productivity and improve the efficiency of your production line. Each of these volumetric feeders from Spee-Dee are designed for durability and minimal maintenance.


The Simionato brand by BW Flexible Systems has over 50 years of experience in designing volumetric feeding systems suitable for bag filling. These machines can help improve the accuracy and speed of your production thanks to their innovative design.


Pump filling machines are used to package powder and liquids. They can also package pastes, creams, and other viscous products.

BW Flexible Systems line of pump filling machines come in a variety of sizes, and all are engineered with a high-speed dispenser. These machines can be modified to fit various product requirements thanks to the variety of nozzle configurations available.

Counters, Infeeds, Elevators, Take-Away Conveyors

We will customize a full packaging system that includes machine infeed and take-away conveyors customized to fit your production-line needs.

Each of these machine add-ons can assist with fully automating your bag packaging line, allowing you to handle more products in less production time.

Your Bag Filling Solution with BW Flexible Systems

Want to learn more about how BW Flexible Systems can improve your bag filling operation? Contact a member of our team to get started.


image of Thiele 3109 Bagging System

3109 Bag Filling System

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3110 Bag Filling System

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