Bag Filling Equipment - Semi-Free Flowing

The BW Flexible Systems Bag Filling line features solutions for free and semi-free flowing products. Our Bag Filling systems can handle a variety of products and accommodates a variety of bag types and sizes.

Our product lines also feature a variety of solutions for weighing, mixing, blending, filing and packaging a variety of products. Learn more about our solutions below or contact a BW Flexible Systems representative to customize your system today.

Feed Augers

BW Flexible Systems offers a full line of feed augers for packaging free-flow and non-free flow powders, granules and other dry products. Our feed auger fillers excel in a wide variety of applications and can be seamlessly integrated with BW Flexible Systems form/fill/seal equipment or utilized for stand-alone filling. Browse some of our solutions today: All-FillMateer-BurtSpeeDee

Volumetric Feeders

Optimize your productivity and accurately fill particulates as small as salt granules or as coarse as popcorn with volumetric cup fillers. These cost-effective units dispense free flowing dry products such as beans, pet food, snacks, rice and candy accurately and efficiently. We offer slim-profile volumetric feeders for integration with automatic equipment, maximizing space usage.

Volumetric feed systems are available with 5, 6 or 9 adjustable cups. Find out which solution is right for your facility: Hayssen (5H-6H-9H)SpeeDeeSimionato


Utilized for powder and liquid packaging, pump filling machines combine precision, speed and versatility. Designed for liquids, pastes, creams and other viscous products, our line of pump filling machines come in a variety of sizes and feature high-speed dispensing. Liquid filling machines feature various nozzle configurations to match specific production requirements.

Our options for pump filling equipment include the following brands: All-FillOdenHinds-Bock

Counters, Infeeds, Elevators, Take-Away Conveyors

BW Flexible Systems will customize a full packaging line including infeeds and take-away conveyors to fit your production-line needs.