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BW Flexible Systems Training Programs in the United Kingdom


Master Your BW Flexible Systems Equipment

BW Flexible Systems is one of the foremost packaging companies in the United Kingdom and Europe. For over 30 years, BW Flexible Systems has supplied the packaging industry's leading technical instruction programs for operators and maintenance personnel.

Hundreds of satisfied customers in the United Kingdom have received help from BW Flexible System training to improve production and streamline their maintenance efforts.

BW Flexible Systems trainers are experts at helping your UK company's employees better understand your packaging machinery. These training programs supply a full range of instruction from basic operation to complex machine applications.

Training courses are offered in our fully-equipped training centre in Nottingham or right in your plant—whichever best meets your needs.

Our trainers will teach your manufacturing team to get maximum productivity from your machinery. BW Flexible Systems training programs help you achieve:

  • The best speeds possible from your machine.
  • Advice to use the least amount of film.
  • Programming aid for best weight control.
  • . . .and more.

All programs offered to UK customers balance classroom and first-hand/machine-side training so that all learners are able to grow their skills. Each student earns a certificate of completion at the end of each class.

Why Train on Your BW Flexible Systems Equipment?

Proper training can minimise or eliminate issues arising from personnel turnover, varying employee skill levels, and the trend toward more sophisticated production and packaging machinery.

Training Program Benefits

  • Focused Technical Instruction Programs for operators and maintenance personnel.
  • Professional, experienced instructors with years of technical ability.
  • Hands-on instruction in fully equipped classrooms.
  • Frequently scheduled classes for your convenience.
  • Valuable machine running and maintenance tips.
  • Skill-building techniques to save production time and supply higher return on investment.
  • On-site training offered throughout the UK
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Types of Training Offered in the UK

UK Field Training

The BW Flexible Systems trainers and office support team will collaborate with you to customise a training program to the specific needs and skill level of your team members.

Our professional trainers will visit your plant to address your specific training needs. Trainers will conduct training in a classroom situation and/or a production floor setting. Whether you and your employees are in London, Leeds or Glasgow, our training team will come to your plant at a time that is convenient for your schedule.

Machine Training Workshops

Our training centre in the UK supplies a concentrated learning environment. Classrooms are designed for a wide variety of first-hand instruction and include actual machines for student use. BW Flexible Systems uses only experienced instructors - people who care about you, your employees, and your business.


This type of training program supplies more in-depth training for your employees. Each workshop is devoted to a specific model machine. During the comprehensive sessions, students can disassemble components, rebuild them and re-install the assemblies.

Classroom topics include:

  • Preparation and review of the repair procedures.
  • Evaluation of used parts.
  • Modifications to update machines.
  • Troubleshooting practices.


Programs are devoted to a specific machine model. Students take part in classroom instruction, examine cut-away component units and perform “hands-on” training with the machines. Question and answer sessions are an important part of the daily activities.

Classroom topics include:

  • Basic settings
  • Adjustments
  • General Maintenance
  • Machine production