Simionato RCW

The HMI control panel allows operation of the machine in a quick and efficient
manner by use of clear and intuitive commands.

Radial Distributor
Patented innovative system of Radial Feeding “TRF” automatically detects
components in the feeder, allowing it to manage fragile and light products along
with large and heavy products with the same precision.

Buckets of various sizes (small, medium and large) can be mounted on the head
simply. Made from stainless steel and using bearings made from polymer, they
are easily dismantled for cleaning. The push-pull action guarantees speed and

The patented loading cell “F.A.R.” is the heart of the radial multihead weigher,
and has been designed specially for this model. All buckets are activated by
individual stepper motors.

Central Distributor
The TRF technology is also used for the central vibrator.

Infeed Funnel
A motorized infeed funnel is available on request to automatically control the
flow of product. The machine automatically regulates the optimum weight and
volume of product.

Interface Operator HMI
A clear and linear structured menu with interactive graphics gives the operator
program control that is both simple and intuitive. Remote HMI can be placed up
to 20 metres from the machine.

Panel PC
It is a color touch screen display in which it is possible to upload data from any
remote net device, including palmtop and tablet units. The RCW can monitor up
to 12 IP Cams connected to the machine through a standard Ethernet bus. HMI
can be loaded into the most common Internet browsers. RCW memorizes all
information related to weights included weights in discharged buckets
registering them on log files.

  • From 14° to 122° F (-10° to 50° C)

Product Recipes
  • 100

  • Available in 8, 10, 14 or 16
  • Quick and precise weighing solution
  • Designed to satisfy the needs of the largest possible range of products minimizing set-up times
  • All versions have been developed with the same modular concept to respond to specific needs
  • 100 product recipes are stored for easy configuration and rapid product change
  • Available in 8, 10, 14, or 16 heads
  • User friendly HMI/Panel PC allows you to manage the machine in a quick and efficient manner by use of clear and intuitive commands
  • Tool-less removal of all product contact parts allows easy and efficient cleaning
  • IP 66 Standard
  • Designed for easy serviceability

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