image of Simionato Atom

Simionato ATOM

A clear and intuitive HMI helps to control the weigher in an efficient manner. The Simionato ATOM is equipped with a color touch screen display, fully configurable in multiple languages to facilitate easier operator training.

USB Port
Simpler sharing of recipes, software upgrading, log file archives and other data
via USB storage. Upload data from any remote net device, including palmtop and
tablet units.

1.8L capacity buckets, made of stainless steel, feature tool-less removal for easy

The load cell is the heart of the Simionato ATOM and has been designed especially
for this model. The staging and weighing buckets are activated by individual
stepper motors that allow for higher speeds.

Single Point Control
Multiple Simionato ATOM weighers can be controlled by only one display HMI
(optional). This single control unit can also be used to control new Logic machines
(optional). The system permits the control of up to 8 different packaging machines
equipped with Simionato ATOM weighers through only one HMI (optional).

Central Distributor
Tactile Radial feeding is used for the central vibrator to guarantee the best
distribution to the individual radial feeders even with difficult products.

Production Monitoring
The Simionato ATOM HMI can monitor up to 12 IP Cams connected to the machine
through a standard ethernet bus. Web cameras of any brand can be installed, and
both physical or wireless interfaces are allowed.

Full Remote Control (optional)
Full remote control achieved by HMI developed in the latest web based technology:
HMI can be loaded into the most common Internet browsers from any remote
device connected to the machine through a standard Ethernet bus (physical or
wireless) allowing full integration in a completely automated packaging system.

Production Data Memory
The Simionato ATOM memorizes information for each discharge occurred, logging
all data related, including weights in the discharged heads, and saves as log files in
text format, ready to be loaded into the most common PC programs. Through the
HMI, it is possible to download this data through direct web links or to copy them in
a common USB mass storage device.
Temperature Range
  • 32-122 F (0-50 C)

Machine Range
  • Single point control for up to 8 machines

  • 10 or 14
  • Excellent combination of value and performance
  • Single point control for up to 8 different packaging machines
  • Production Monitoring through ehternet 
  • Full remote control option
  • Flexibility: designed for free-flowing products
  • Available in 10 or 14 heads
  • Quick and efficient weigher control with an Intuitive color touch screen PC Panel
  • Tool-less removal of buckets for easy cleaning
  • Wide variety of weighing applications
  • USB storage
  • Fast, precise and robust load cell
  • Stainless steel construction
  • IP66
  • Designed for easy serviceability

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