Bag Sealing Machines

BW Flexible Systems bag sealers remain the industry standard of economy and reliability for closing paper bags. Our industrial bag sealing machines feature small footprints, increased safety, and enhanced operation for a smoother, faster production process.

Bag Sealing Equipment Features

With decades of experience developing industrial bag sealing machines, BW Flexible Systems has a unique knowledge of the features and systems that are most valuable to our customers.

This insight has led us to incorporate integral offerings including:

  • Woven Poly Propylene (WPP)
  • Poly
  • Hot-air
  • Paper (XJX)

Bag Sealing Machine Service and Machine Customization

Do you want to incorporate a bag sealing machine as part of your packaging solution? The BW Flexible Systems team is here to help you find the right sealing machine for your product line.

Our product representatives will discuss your requirements and visit your facility to analyze the layout. This will help us to provide you with a bag sealing machine that meets all of your requirements and increases the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Once the machine has been designed, we take responsibility for productions, installation, and on-site training for your team. We believe that our bag sealing equipment customers are our partners and want to ensure that you have a smooth operating experience.

Bag Sealing Equipment

As flexible packaging industry leaders, BW Flexible Systems has one of the most comprehensive range of bag sealing machines for industrial packaging applications.

Learn more about our bag sealers below and see how they will work for your production line. Or, contact the BW Flexible Systems team to discuss your specific needs. We are more than happy to help you find a customized bag sealing solution.


Thiele 4600 AeroSealer Bag Closer

4600 AeroSeal Bag Closer

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Image of Thiele Integral Poly Sealer

Integral Poly Sealer

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Image of Thiele Integral XJX PBOM Sealer

Integral XJX PBOM Sealer

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